3 Things Every Preschooler Should Be Doing

Many people wonder what an average preschooler should be doing on a daily basis to prepare for their academic success. Teaching a preschooler is different than teaching an older learner. This is because a preschooler is not ready to start their formal education. There are, however, some things that parents and teachers can do to help the child get a jump start on their academic success.

1. Learn How To Follow Directions

Before a child enters kindergarten they should know how to follow directions. The kindergarten classroom will require them to sit for a longer period of time, be quiet during a lesson, focus on important tasks and cooperate with others. All of these things require the child to know how to respectively follow directions from adults.

In order to do this with a young learner, start small. Perhaps you could sing songs that require the child to do something. Examples of this would be like “head, shoulders, knees and toes” where the child must touch his or her body parts during the song. Another fun activity that teaches how to follow directions would be “Simon says.” These games and activities encourage the child to cooperate with the teacher or parent, while still having fun.

2. Use Imagination For Play

Some parents might worry that their child is not getting enough structured learning, because they want to participate in imaginative play all the time. Luckily, this not something to worry about, instead a young child using their imagination should be encouraged.

Imagination is incredibly important to the child’s cognitive development. As they learn how to have a vivid imagination, they will be equipped to understand complex principles later in life. Many subjects require that you imagine something without experiencing it yourself. An individual who has not mastered the art of imagination may struggle in these subjects.

3. Love For Reading

Reading is an important part of development. Reading will not only help the child improve their verbal skills, but it will also teach them about the world around them. They can learn about different subjects in fun ways as they read books with their teachers and parents. If the child is not interested in learning to read, encourage them to sit and read with you. Most children love listening to stories. As they learn to love the stories, they will have more of a desire to read themselves.

These are three important things that preschoolers should be doing with preschool aged children. Check out accredited preschools for more information. 

Author: Julia Wright

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