When Hiding From Creditors Has You Pulling Your Hair Out: Call A Lawyer

If you’ve been harassed lately by a debt collection company and the company is disrupting you at work, you want to get legal advice. There are laws and protocol the company has to follow while they pursue to collect the debt, and you may actually have a case to sue the company if they didn’t follow the set regulations.

A lawyer will be able to determine if they can help you settle the debt, if you should take legal action against them, whether it would be possible to stop the company from contacting you in the future. Prepare the following things for your first consultation.

Paper Statements

Gather paper statements that you have received from the company: all notifications of what the bill is from, the letters you have received that have requested collection, and more. Anything that was a threat or request, or that came in the mail from them is needed—ot only things that came in the mail, but print electronic messages if you have received those as well.

Voice Messages

Do you have voice messages stored on your personal home phone, your cell phone, or your work phone? Are these voice messages threatening, harassing and more? Anything that you can have your lawyer listen to and that you can keep is important.

Repeated Contact

Did you tell the company not to call you or not to contact you at work but they continued to do so? Do you have proof that they did this? Your lawyer will want this evidence to show that they still harassed you after you asked them stop, since this is against the law.

Stress and Anxiety

Is the stress and anxiety you feel from this credit collection causing you sleepless nights and stress? Is the situation causing you to worry and feel unsafe? These are problems that the lawyer will point out in court to prosecute, or will use to negotiate your debt down.

The lawyers will contact the credit company to see if they want to settle the issue out of court. This may mean dropping the debt, or setting up a payment plan. Your lawyers may decide prosecution is best, and then you may end up getting a settlement for the harassment that you’ve had to endure. Don’t spend another day wondering when the debt collection company is going to call you next, and talk with a lawyer to see if you have a case.

Author: Julia Wright

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